Our highly-skilled technicians are trained in many different trades. They take ownership of each project as their own, so if they're not qualified to do the repairs themselves, they'll coordinate and oversee a subcontractor who can. They manage the maintenance from start to finish and make sure every job site is safe, secure and clean.

Expand our menu of services

Property Protection
  • Pest, termite and rodent control
  • Security and alarm repairs
  • Opening/closing for property needs
  • Property management services
  • Point-to-point inspection of entire home and property
Seasonal Maintenance
  • Roof and gutter cleaning
  • Drainage cleaning and debris removal
  • Leak inspection and Infrared thermography
  • Reset of lighting and irrigation timers
  • Inspection for wood rot and weatherproofing
  • Screen replacement and door adjustment
  • Cleaning of furniture, hardscape and power washing
  • Re-slurry or seal of driveways and hardscape
  • Chimney and fireplace cleaning and service
  • Air conditioner service and tune up
  • Hardware maintenance and lubrication
  • Replacing air filters and vent screens
  • Service heating systems
  • Test smoke and CO2 detectors
  • Pump septic systems and test
Plumbing and Appliance Maintenance
  • Check and clean coils on fridge
  • Address sink drains and faucets as needed
  • Flush and maintain water heater and adjust timers
  • Replace water filters and test for drinking levels
  • Clean out air ducts and vents for flow and safety
  • Inspect supply lines for hidden leaks
General Maintenance
  • Replace bulbs and test electrical circuits interior/exterior
  • Vacuum out detectors and vents
  • Service and inspect fire extinguishers
  • Walk-thru inspections for wear, leaks, and repairs
  • Washing windows and doors
  • Addressing cracks and touch ups