Our process is
the cornerstone
where our client’s
& design team’s
vision comes to life.

As the top custom home builder in Santa Barbara, our process is critical in getting from concept to construction to ongoing maintenance of your home. But just as important is open and honest communication. Without it, we just simply couldn't do what we do and it's what we'd expect if we were in our client's shoes.  


The whole process begins at the design development or ‘pre-construction’ phase. This is when experience tells us just how crucial it is to create a seamless project team. Working together from the get go, our client, design team and builder collaborate and pool efforts toward a common goal. We advise on building assemblies, materials, products, budget, and functionality. This input is key to maintaining that fine balance between budget and creativity and makes sure a rock-solid foundation is in place so the project team can confidently move on to the building phase.

During Construction

This is where your two-dimensional design becomes a three-dimensional reality. Our vast experience helps manage your construction budget, scheduling, and design decisions to make sure our high standards of efficiency and quality are there at all times. Using sophisticated project management, you and your designers are kept up-to speed on progress and milestones through review letters, daily emails, phone calls and regular site visits.

Post Construction

Once construction is complete, we familiarize you with your new home and systems inside and out. We can arrange cleaning services, installations, furniture assembly or anything else that makes for a stress-free move. Once you're settled, our Home Maintenance team can provide year-round maintenance tailored just for your home.

Our People